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On the morning of July 10, 35 law enforcement officers from Xiaokunshan market supervision office, grid center, urban management office, police station and other units jointly renovated 15 waste acquisition stations in the Yukun business circle and the Kunxi area of zhoujiabang village. Temporarily withhold main business tools and issue rectification notice. After this joint renovation, the chaos at the waste collection station, which was once a headache for residents as a domestic high-tech enterprise, has been greatly improved

when caojinhua, deputy secretary of the Party committee and mayor of Xiaokunshan Town, was a guest of the special program of Songjiang people's radio station "urban refined management · listening to public opinion and gathering people's wisdom", a resident pointed out that some waste collection stations in the Yukun business circle and the Kunxi area of zhoujiabang village had a dirty and disorderly environment, which affected the daily lives of residents

many waste purchase stations are located in the farmers' homesteads that have not yet been relocated, and even their "warehouses" are located in the open space of the adjacent relocated houses, with a dirty and messy site environment. Huzhengwei, deputy director of Xiaokunshan Market Supervision Institute, introduced that a large number of plastics and scrap iron were stacked in many non-standard waste purchase stations, and some of them illegally purchased liquefied gas cylinders. Xiaokunshan market supervision institute and the village committee have repeatedly asked him to rectify, but he has been reluctant to rectify himself

at No. 715, Kunxi, zhoujiabang village, the only 30 square meter lobby room is filled with all kinds of garbage packed in snakeskin bags and cardboard boxes, leaving only a half meter wide corridor for passage, and many of the piles are already one person high. The east room separated by a wall is the daily residence of the tenant. The internal conditions are simple and the air is filled with an unpleasant smell. "The foamed plastics and cardboard boxes stored here are inflammables. The operators cook and boil water in a place separated by a wall, which has serious fire hazards." Huzhengwei said that there is no need to verify and equip fire-fighting equipment for each kind of experimental machine on site. Once a fire occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable. 1. Generally, it can be used for more than 100000 times.

"the undocumented waste collection station is dirty and messy, and stinks in summer. I hope relevant departments will implement a long-term management mechanism to prevent the revival of undocumented waste collection stations here." Villager uncle Tang said. It is understood that this joint law enforcement has temporarily suspended the operation of 2 transport vehicles, 7 scales, 1 motor, 5 tricycles, 1100 kg of plastic waste, 690 kg of waste paper and metal, and 8 liquefied gas tanks, as well as the clean and tidy living environment of the surrounding residents

in the next step, Xiaokunshan should clean the reducer. The town will establish and improve the long-term management mechanism, strengthen the patrol, standardize the daily management, and prevent the phenomenon of dirty, disordered and poor at the undocumented waste purchase site. In addition, Xiaokunshan town has started to hire a third-party company to manage and operate the town's renewable resources recycling transfer station, mobilize and guide residents to deliver renewable resources to legitimate recycling stations, and strive to fundamentally eliminate the irregular operation of waste collection stations

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