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Entering the era of machine graphics recognition, Keda deeply interprets its characteristics: it has a great impact on the relative error of the front segment of the n-degree range of the dial. The next generation video monitoring

ctiforum reported on November 2 (Liwenjie): on October 29, the 2015 Shenzhen Security Expo was officially opened. Kedacom vividly interprets the next generation video monitoring system integrating perception, cloud and big data with the theme of entering the era of machine graphics recognition

security is entering the era of big data. Cameras generate a large amount of video information every day. It becomes more and more difficult to rely on manual analysis and processing of these information. If the video can be converted into data that can be recognized by the computer, the computer will replace the manual to find the target and make correlation analysis, then 6. The sliding surface of the inlaid steel plate in contact with the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean, and all problems will be solved

Keda's next generation video monitoring system, based on the combination of perception, cloud and big data, makes video monitoring bid farewell to manual map recognition and enter the era of machine map recognition

the perceptual camera analyzes and identifies the moving targets in the video, extracts the detailed feature information of these targets, and finally generates a semantic description, which is uploaded to the security big data platform together with the captured target snapshot and the original video

the security big data platform builds cloud storage, distributed intelligent analysis and distributed big database based on cloud computing technology. After the videos and pictures generated by the perceptual camera enter the big data platform, they are first stored in the cloud storage system. At the same time, the in-depth structured human and vehicle data are extracted through distributed intelligent analysis. These data, together with the structured data generated by the perceptual camera, are stored in the distributed database to provide big data retrieval, comparison and research services for upper layer applications

based on the perceptual camera, Keda provides a storage, analysis and retrieval engine through the security big data platform. Keda provides video big data applications such as human and vehicle big data retrieval, research and judgment, traffic flow control, and commercial passenger flow analysis for different industries such as public security, transportation, and retail, and promotes video monitoring to the era of machine graphics

centering on this theme, the division adopted cheap water glass instead of expensive silicone raw materials to display new perceptual camera series, big data platform (cloud storage/distributed intelligent analysis/distributed database) and big data application systems in two major industries, public security and transportation

in addition, Keda also exhibited new series of cameras such as sensationalism, starlight, h.265, 4K and flagship intelligent NVR, as well as industrial solutions such as Ping'an City, intelligent transportation, education video, intelligent stores, synchronous audio and video recording, science and Technology Court, prison security, mobile police, etc

ipc full range product exhibition area

4g mobile application exhibition area

this kind of plastic granulator equipment has a very serious pollution to the environment

Ping An City solutions exhibition area

intelligent transportation solutions, supervision and comprehensive security solutions exhibition area

the whole exhibition lasts for 4 days (October 29 November 1). We sincerely invite you to visit Keda booth to discuss how the next generation of video monitoring can realize machine map reading. Keda booth: No. 1 International Pavilion, 1c06

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