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Singapore will research and develop biomimetic filter membrane technology to reduce energy consumption in water treatment general technical conditions for decorative fire retardant coatings GB 12441 ⑴ 998 Singapore will invest heavily in the research and development of biomimetic kidney function filter membrane technology in the next three years. It is expected that this new water treatment technology can significantly reduce energy consumption in water treatment

s0.003 it is reported that the Nanyang Institute of environment and water resources under Nanyang Technological University is responsible for R & D. the National Research Foundation of Singapore, the National Environment Agency, the Economic Development Bureau and other institutions and departments will provide us $106million in special scientific research funds in the next three years to study technologies such as biomimetic filtration membrane, wastewater treatment and water impurity detection. The researchers of the Institute said that the biomimetic clip specifically moves up and down. The biomimetic membrane uses protein to mimic the filtration function of the kidney, and its filtration speed is twice as fast as that of the reverse osmosis membrane. However, at present, it is expected to replace soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in the use of protein biomimetic membrane in medical devices. How to continue to play its role is still a difficult problem

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