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Development of domestic paper honeycomb industry (Part I)

paper honeycomb has been developed in China for more than ten years. During this period, the paper honeycomb industry has experienced many high tides and low tides. On the whole, the paper honeycomb industry has formed a certain scale with the promotion of all sectors of society. In some fields, it has a product and market foundation for long-term survival and development. However, the problems exposed in the development process are not optimistic. We need to calmly analyze and seriously deal with them, so as to preserve the existing achievements, complete 20% of the points and continue to promote the rapid and healthy development of China's paper honeycomb industry

development status

the paper honeycomb project was officially launched in China in 1992. It has the characteristics of high stability, convenient operation and simple protection. It initially developed in the two directions of paper honeycomb building materials and paper honeycomb packaging. Its basic mode is to learn from foreign experience. First, it focuses on the development and promotion of equipment. Develop relevant processes, materials and product technologies in this process. At present, this model is still the mainstream in the paper honeycomb industry. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this model, but due to excessive profit seeking behavior and weak technology development ability, the whole industry develops slowly, forming a large number of low-quality and low efficiency investments. This year, we organized forces to conduct a more in-depth and comprehensive investigation on the current development status of the industry. We will provide several major findings of the survey to the vast number of friends who care about the development of this industry for reference

1. The investment is relatively surplus and the investment utilization rate is very low

according to our statistics, since 1992, there have been more than 200 honeycomb factories of various types in China, and about 150 still exist or operate. The total capacity of paper cores is 300000 tons/year, and the processing capacity of various plates is about 200million square meters/year. In this year, the plate output of the whole industry does not exceed 1.5 million square meters per month. In the second half of this year, even if it is expected to increase by 50%, the monthly output will not exceed 2.25 million square meters per month. According to this calculation, the annual plate output of the industry in 2002 will reach 22.5 million square meters. According to the average consumption of 1.4kg paper core per square meter, the consumption is about 31500 tons. Taking the current total production capacity as a reference, the actual utilization rate of paper core processing capacity of the whole industry in 2002 was 10.5%, and the utilization rate of paperboard processing capacity was 11.25%. To establish a paper honeycomb plant that can process paper cores and plates, the average equipment investment is about 2million yuan. According to this calculation, the current industrial equipment investment is about 300million yuan. Referring to the equipment utilization ratio, even if only the equipment investment is calculated, the investment utilization ratio is only about 10%. If the investment in auxiliary mechanical equipment for soil construction is included, the calculation length of the sample should be measured correctly. In addition, during the investigation, we found that the limited output was also concentrated in several enterprises with relatively good operation. Most of the enterprises were still in the state of shutdown and trial production, and some enterprises had begun to change production

2. Low product processing capacity and quality

in the investigation, we found that except for a few enterprises with good foundation, the product production process of most enterprises is backward, and even lacks the concept of process; Unstable production and high production consumption lead to high cost and unreasonable production cost distribution; The product quality is unstable. At present, except for some domestic enterprises, the paper core quality is a bottleneck restricting the development of the industry. The technical quality index control of raw materials used in production is ignored. The moisture content of paperboard is too high and the post-processing capacity is poor. The post-processing quality of products is difficult to meet the market requirements. These problems are the most direct restrictions on product development and market development

3. Product base with limited roughness

during the communication with customers and manufacturers in the industry, we realized that the weak product base is the main reason for the separation of honeycomb manufacturers from the market. Paper core and paperboard are only front-end (upstream) products in the whole honeycomb industry chain, which must be supported by a mature and perfect application market. Although customers are the main body of the application market, they do not undertake the obligation to form their product base. In the survey, all manufacturers reported that they could not find a market, but the fact is that at present, China's cellular market is still basically blank. As long as we can provide products whose performance price ratio can be accepted by customers, we will have a market. The key to the problem is that we should not simply look for the paper core and paperboard Market, simply equate market development with the so-called public relations, hype, price war, etc., and simply imitate the products of foreign or other enterprises. We should gradually establish the enterprise's own technology development ability, form the personality of the enterprise's products, and establish a product foundation that can support the enterprise to participate in market competition

to sum up, combined with our years of business practice, we believe that the formation of the current situation of the industry is mainly due to the following reasons:

1. The technical foundation is weak and the importance of technological innovation to the development of new projects and industries is ignored. (to be continued)

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